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July 2, 2021
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108 Blessings: Alchemy For The Mind, Body And Soul


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Inspired by the sacred number from the Hindu and Buddhist tradition, this book is a collection of 108 blessings and passages that touch every facet of our human experience. Each blessing is unique, but together they work as an evolutionary bridge that will lead us to our higher self. When we bless someone with pure intent, the sacred within us becomes an alchemical force to transform and shape lives.The blessings in this book offer wisdom to awaken the sacred in you so you can heal, heal others and empower your path with joy, passion and purpose. Like the mantras accompanying 108 beads of the Japa Mala, each blessing is meant to be felt, heard and absorbed. Hold one each day. After 108 days, begin again and when you are ready, pass the book on like a blessing. Edited by Pete Azarnoosh. Cover Art by Kanchan Chander.

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