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July 26, 2021
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A Cultural Hermenesis


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This book in three parts. analyses and interprets the still active reality of Caste culture in India. The presentation is objective. analysis scientific and interpretation novel. The first part is a meeting of the historian, the people and the socio-cultural scientist telling the tragic story of caste culture. The second part. starting with S.M. Parish’s analysis of the caste drama of the chariot pulling, looks at the caste system from the economic, political, social, psychological, cultural and religious perspectives. The third part attempts a countercultural and theoiogical interpretation of caste culture and concludes with a Christian response based on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The author’s approach is obviously holistic and interdisciplinary which makes the book different from many other works in this subject, interesting for the teachers and students alike and indispensable for the libraries.

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