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Christians in Nation Building


Dr Lata Jayaraj & Fr Savari Raj Augustine

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Christian’s contribution to India’s nation building has never been a topic of discussion (never been highlighted or given importance). The beauty of any diverse religious nation will be appreciated when works and contribution of each community is highlighted and showcased.
This coffee table book gives a short biographical write-up of 100 eminent personalities, who are prominent in the national front as leaders, political activists, social reformers and healthcare professionals, who contributed enormously, and are gone for their eternal reward, for the initial formation and development of our great country, are identified. They participated in the freedom movement; directly involved in the constitution making; engaged in government administrative bodies; served as defense personnel; worked as reformers of the social structure of the country (e.g. Abolition of sati); contributed in the field of education, especially women’s education and general mass education; worked tirelessly in the healthcare arena.
This study brings out such unsung and forgotten heroes who have contributed in the development of our country. The main reason for doing this study is to reveal the enormous works done by Christians and emphasize their contribution to India’s struggle for freedom movement and nation building.

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