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Emerging Paradigm of Mission in the New Millennium


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In this book, the author highlights the ways of practicing the new paradigm of the mission described and recommended by Asian Bishops. The paradigm of mission, sharing of faith with others is done through a triple dialogue: mission as inculturation, mission as interreligious dialogue and mission as service of the poor. He unfolds the creative understanding of mission illustrated by the Asian Bishops – mission as response to the call and inspiration of the Spirit, Who is active in the Asian culture. He further points out how Asian Bishops explain the method of integration which enables us to discern and interpret the differing mission situations in Asia. This book will be helpful to our missionaries as they reflect on how to spread the Kingdom of God. This volume is a significant contribution of thoughts from theologians to our reflection on mission not only in Asia, but also for the Universal Catholic Church who are working in the field of evangelization and interreligious dialogue.

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