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Throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:16) – Touching Testimonies


Jochime A. Peter

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Throne of Grace is the collection of testimonies of Br Jochime Peter who encountered God and began sharing the Good News to all. He is the founder of the catholic prayer group called ‘Little Stars for Christ’. In this book he shares a few personal miracles as testimonies that the Lord worked in course of his ministry. They are touching and inspiring. We come across the challenges, the struggles faced by him and later on by his team, but all through these the hand of God was guiding him. The testimonies given by others in this book are a witness to this.
The book in a practical way will build faith in the readers in the transforming grace of Jesus. It is not only written beautifully but also is full of spiritual wisdom. The testimonies will awaken us to the hope of finding healing. This is a guidebook for all who are into preaching ministry.

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