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July 2, 2021
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July 2, 2021
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Catholic Health Care and Abortions in India


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The combination of surveyfindings involving 504 womenwho aborted their children and 386 medical practitioners inIndia, with detailed research of literature on abortions and healthcare in India provide many insights. The ethical degradation and the social harm caused by abortions are presented with detailed and compelling evidence. It is a book to be studied and discussed by policy makers, religious leaders and citizens interested in promoting an ethical, non-violent India. The book has the ingredients to be an essential manual for everyone involved in healthcare in India and particularly for Catholic healthcare institutions and all involved in the healthcare mission in India. It is an avid defence of ahimsa. The expanse of data presented to support the arguments in favour of non-violence is commendable. It presents compelling arguments in defending the voiceless nascent life. The message of the book is clear, abjure violence in any form and protect the life of the defenceless unborn.

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