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July 6, 2021
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July 6, 2021
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Religions, Inter-Religious Dialogue and Evangelization


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Religions of the world have been studied and explained analytically highlighting their variety and diversity, but never their content and consistency. Religions are consistent in themselves possessing specific ‘symbolic universes’ like animistic, ontologic (nature of being) and personalistic. These symbolic universes, though distinct, are not contradictory but complementary. Then the author goes on to speak of the Symbolic Universe and Religious Discipline of each religions. He gives special attention to Christianity’s inter-religious dialogue and evangelization. He says, Christianity stands in need of a new ‘theology of religions’ that is ‘inclusive-pluralist’, the one that can respect all religions in their essence and manifestation. Such a theology of religions would help Christianity to initiate and carry on inter-religious dialogue, obey Christ’s mandate of evangelization and live together with all the religious adherents of the world in peace and harmony.

This book, therefore, is absolutely for all who are directly involved in the task of inter-religious dialogue and evangelization. To Christian scholars, priests and seminarians (studying theology), it would be of great assistance to instruct Christian faithful the right approach both to inter-religious dialogue and evangelization.

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