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July 2, 2021
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July 2, 2021
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Christian Ethics – An Introductory Reader


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The General Editors Note, Preface, Part I: Introduction: 1. What is Christian Ethics? 2. The Meaning of Responsibility, II. Christian Ethics and the Bible: 3. Introduction, 4. Introduction to Biblical Ethics, 5. relating the Bible and Christian Ethics-Recent Efforts, 6. Was Jesus a Liberal, 7. The Relation of the Gospels to the Moral Life, 8. Christianity is Communism, III. Christian Ethics and Christian Theology: 9. Introduction, 10. Theology and Ethics, 11. The Traditional concept of Natural Law: An Interpretation, 12. The Kingdom of God and the Foundation of Ethics, 13. The Power of Christ in History: Conflicting Christologies and Discernment, 14. Christian Social Thought and Action: A Necessary Tragedy, 15. Ethics and the New Man, IV. Christian Ethics and Christian Social Thought in Historical Contexts: 16. Introduction, 17. The Rich Man’s Salvation-Clement of Alexandria, 18. The City of god, 19. Law and Political Theory, 20. The Two Kingdoms, 21. The Schleitheim Confession of Faith, 22. Justice, Order, Hope and Power, Further Readings.

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