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July 27, 2023
July 27, 2023
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Do this in Memory of Me


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This is a comprehensive book that sets out to explain not only the way in which the Eucharist is celebrated but also the historical and theological background of the various parts of the Mass. The book serves as a quick reference guide to any part of the Mass and any particular aspect of the Eucharistic Liturgy. It offers invaluable reflections and liturgical insights. With its rich liturgical, pastoral, spiritual, and didactic value, the book is sure to be an excellent guide or a vademecum to Seminarians, Priests, Religious, and the Lay Faithful who want to find meaning in the Eucharist and teach it to others. Those who read it once will not dare say that the Eucharistic Liturgy is dull and dreary. If you want a ready guide that explains the structure and meaning of different expressions in the Mass, motivating your active participation in it, then this book should be in your collection.

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