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India Reflections 1955-2003


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In the years between his degree programmes, Dr. Ryerson spent time studying and teaching in India. From 1955 to 1958, he was a Teching-Study Fellow under a programme associated with Oberlin College; in the 1960s he was an Overseas Fellow under the auspices of an experimental organization related to the Episcopal Church. From 1970 to 1972 he did doctoral research at Madurai University and was an associate lecturer at the Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary in Madurai. In 1972 and 1973 he was instructor of Oriental Studies at Columbia University and in 1973 he became a lecturer of Religion at Hunter College, the City University of New York. He then went to Wichita State University in Kansas where he was Assistant Professor of Religion for the 1976-77 academic year before returning to Hunter as an Assistant  Pfofessor.

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