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Promised Land and Right to Subsistence


Samuel Rajadurai

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Promised Land and Right to Subsistence bring out the problems that cause the disintegration of the food producing community. The food producer who enables the subcontinent to sit at the breakfast table is deprived of food. In the past the agricultural sector faced severe problems though it rejuvenated. However, under globalization it is approaching total destruction. Food is not simply material. The first petition in the Lord′s prayer is for food. The Sacrament of the Church is one form of food. Jesus himself was understood as bread of life. In the Christian understanding food is a blessing from God and fight against hunger is participation in the Messianic act of liberation. With this comprehension the author approaches Globalisation and its structural Adjustment Programmes (SAP). The various crises of the food insecurities issues are explained in relation to the policies of globalisation. This book was originally a doctoral thesis submitted to the Senate of Serampore College (2014). This book will provide pioneering theological articulations and clear socio economic analysis in t he field of food security. Samuel′s M.Th thesis “The Lamb and the Beast: Socio Political Study of the Images of Revelation” was also published by ISPCK (2015).

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