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Thus Spoke the Bible: Basics of Biblical Narratives


Antony John Baptist

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The post-modern turn in the first place began with and contributed to the rich and complex exercise of literary criticism. Narratology being one of the important interest fields. Narrativity or story-telling, one can dare say, is as ancient as Homo Sapiens. Narrativity is a more subtle and complex mode of human expression and communication that reflects the deep-most layers of human subconscious. No wonder then, that narratology has captured the attention of scholarship particularly in recent times. This book is a concise yet rich introduction to the theories of narrativity to beginners. The book not only introduces different themes and trends on the subject, but also shows concrete examples of applying those theories in delineating some of the key biblical stories, from out of the author’s long experience in teaching and researching. And thus the reader is equipped with confidence to engage in similar exercises even with non-biblical stories. It is a must-read for all those who have a desire for literary studies in general and biblical scholarship in particular.

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