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To Live Longer Conquer Your Anger



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God per se is a loving,forgiving god,who only wishes that every human being, created as he is in his own images, lives every moment of life on this earth happily, healthily,cheerfully and peaceably. what,however,goes against the very grain of all this is our tendency to get angry easily. how dangerous anger is can be seen from the fact that anger is just a letter short of danger. this book, on the one hand, motivates the reader to conquer anger and thus build an edifice of a meaningful life of peace on earth to the edificationof alland sundry; on the other, it lucudly demonstrates how a value centred individul can shun theindiscriminate use of the all too vital emotion, that is anger except at the risk of falling into a gutter reeking of the filthiest of garbage!

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