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February 13, 2023
Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah or Christ: Thirty Two Textual Sermons on Proving Jesus of Nazareth as Messiah or Christ, with an Essay ‘A Theological Signifance of Fourty Days’
February 13, 2023
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Women’s Participation in Panchayati Raj – Nature and Effectiveness


Pamela Singla

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The book is based on a comprehensive study, which looks into the whole issue of women’s participation in PRIs in the north indian state of Haryana which is characterized by an alarming sex ratio in favour of men. The participation is studied not only from the angle of the elected women members themselves but also the elected men members, the public and most importantly by attending the Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti and Zila Parishad meetings.

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